Found by Wheeler and the Archivist in the Time Lord Victorious’ collection of stolen TARDISes, the ship dubbed the ReTARDIS (Repurposed Time-And-Relative-Dimension-In-Space) was originally locked in the form of a hot-dog stand. However, it has since chosen for itself the form of a green, 1940s newsstand.


It holds what a typical newsstand would hold: papers, coffee, candy and other assorted things. However, it also has a singularly unique feature. Behind the counter is a single newspaper called “Tomorrow’s Times.” Through the timey-wimey power of the TARDIS, the paper has what could be considered clairvoyant abilities. It predicts future catastrophes and transports its crew to help deal with the disaster.

Like all time lord technology it is bigger on the inside, and this ship appears to be more living than most. Coppery pipes wind their way through trees and paneling made from living wood. When the ship moves through time and space a wind kicks up, and leaves gently swirl through the console room. The perfect melding of steam and nature is only disrupted by a single, red ketchup pump—a reminder of its time as a hot dog stand.


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