Tomorrow's Times

A Very Frozen Tomorrow's Time
2014 Christmas ep

After stopping an alien invasion via swiss chocolate the TT Team must deal with a snow queen putting the world into a perpetual winter, whilst teaming up with Thor, Norse God of Thunder.
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Beware the Brick
season 2 Episode 7

The TT crew must regroup and repair the tear that is being forced open to allow the Old Gods return, whilst dealing with a traitor, and his cult followers.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Time War
Season 2 Episode 6

The TT crew tear into the Time War to find the 3rd artifact.

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The Unknown Advedture
Season 2 Episode 5
Rockem' Sockem' Redford
Season 2 Episode 4

The Toymaker has arranged a fight of the centuries. Within a massive castle in his realm he creates an arena, and temporarily releases the poor souls he has captured over the years, to watch the fights. Redford must beat five of the Toymaker’s challengers for their freedom. If he loses than the ReTardis team is forever playthings of the Toymaker as well as Satchel Man and what is contained within his satchel. A satchel that can only open for the owner.
p. The Archivist minds Redford’s corner whilst, Dr Perry and Wheeler make plans to Steal the Rorrim Mirror. One of three artifacts of power, created from matter left over form the previous universe, before the Big Bang. The second of which is the Crux of Infinity, contained within Satchel Mans bag.
p. Redford’s first opponent is an Ice Warrior from Mars. He struggles fairly early on until The Archivist convinces the house lights to be brought up. This creates an incredible heat in the ring, which weakens the Ice Warrior until Redford is able to beat him.
p. Wheeler and Perry make their way out of the stadium and begin their search for the mirror.
p. Redford’’s next opponent is a Judoon. Redford almost seems to enjoy the next challenge, as the bell rings.
p. Perry and Wheeler are able to track the energy off of the mirror and begin to make their way through the castle.
p. Redford finishes the Judoon. Tired he looks towards his next opponent, an Auton. Unfortunately this fight doesn’t go as smooth. For as each blow makes contact, the Auton is able to stretch and contort its body to absorb the force.
p. Two giant windup robots stop Perry and Wheeler. Fortunately the pair are able to reprogram the robots to act a escorts as they make their way to Toy room.. Their they are able to steal the mirror without the Toymaker’s notice as he is enjoying the games too much.
p. A tired and beat Redford, uppercuts the Auton enough to separate the plastic head, thus winning another match. Then the fourth challenger is brought in. A Silence. During the fight anytime Redford loses sight of the Silence he forgets who he’s in the ring with. The silence takes full opportunity to pummel the Navel Officer, any time he forgets. Meanwhile the Toymaker laughs in glee.
p. Wheeler and Perry make it back. Its clear that they can’t free satchel man, who is chained next to the Toymaker, without him noticing. They begin to talk to The Archivist.
p. As the fight rages on Redford continues to lose sight and forget. Eventually Redford is so surprised by the Silent he lashes out with a massive blow that is enough to knock the Silent out.
p. The Toymaker, furious, calls for the final fighter. The Archivist. Each man knowing that to give up or take a fall would forfeit their groups freedom, begin to fight. It is at this time that the Toymaker notices Wheeler and Perry attempting to rescue Satchel man. He re manacles his prisoner. Wheeler who was able to get Redford’s Squareness gun from the toy room, uses it on the floor beneath the Toymaker. As the Celestial being is distracted, the duo use the mirror to reach in and grab Redford and the Archivist. The group run to the ReTardis and make their escape.
p. The Toymaker grows to giant size destroying part of the stadium around him sees the ReTardis dissapear. He looks at his manacled prisoner, whose plastic head falls off.
p. The audience is then shown: Whilst Red was fighting the Silent, The Archivist was using his sonic screwdriver to reform the Auton from earlier to look like Satchel Man. Wheeler and Perry are able to put up a perception filter around Satchel Man as they release his manacles. The fight ends and the Toymaker thinks he sees them freeing Satchel Man, then manacles the dummy.
p. As the ReTardis crew make their way through the vortex, the Emergency Hologram Ned appears in front of Satchel Man. “Hello Ned.” the Satchel Man says. “Hello Samuel Brickwell.” replies Ned, indignantly.

p. Credits Roll

Mir You Afraid of the Dark?
Season 2 Episode 3

The Toymaker makes a bargain with Dr Perry and Reddford. They play a game, should they win he will lower the number of fighters that Redford must compete against to gain all their freedom. The Toymaker suggests a scenario from a role playing game. Soon Red and Perry are pieces on a board, then their surroundings change. They are aboard the ReTardis in orbit of Earth. Near the space station Mir.
p. Aboard Mir the 3 cosmonauts have been plagued with rashes and begin to experience some power failures. One, Nikoli, takes a spacewalk to repair a relay on the outside of the station. Meanwhile a solar eclipse starts. Soon communication is lost. Another cosmonaut, Yuri, goes out to check on his comrade. He finds a suit with a skeleton in it.
p. The ReTardis crew see the space station and decide to take a walk and visit the station. The cosmonauts are terrified of something in the dark and despite their fears and concerns they bring in the new arrivals. Just in time as a shadow covers the ReTardis. The ReTardis goes into emergency mode and shuts and locks the door, cutting the line to the Time’s Team.
p. Perry and Red are brought up to date with what happened with the Russians. The group decide to work together to try to stay safe. Reddford begins to develop a rash. The eclipse begins to cover the space station.
p. Emergency hologram Ned tries a couple of times to send warning of Vashta Nerada to the team, but is only partially successful as the Vashta Nerada are trying to get into the ReTardis.
p. Dmitri and Perry work on keeping the inside of the station lit while Yuri and Red go out and try to remove and re angle the solar panels to direct more light onto the station. While out the two are attacked by the skeleton suited Nikoli. Yuri’s suit is torn and must get into the station. Red manages to fight off Nikoli. The skeleton finds a new target…the ReTardis.
p. The shadow drifts more over the station. Dmitri and Perry do their best, to keep the station powered and lit, but some of the lights can’t handle the strain the shadows put. The lights begin to explode and go out. Dmitri is soon trapped. Perry tries to help him, but in the end can’t and soon the cosmonaut is consumed but not before being used as a vessel to issue a warning “We like our meat to run.” Perry runs taking Yuri with him. Yuri’s arm where the rash is now needing medical attention. The rashes are from the Vashta Nerada slowly consuming, until they can step out of the light.
p. Reddford meanwhile has directed some light onto the ReTardis. This is enough to drive Nikoli to the backside of the craft. Ned appears and gives a thumbs up. Red then begins to redirect more light onto the ship.
p. Perry and Yuri are running from the dark end of Mir, when Ned appears and tells Perry the ReTardis is extending the shield to the space station and that they need to get to the ship for safety. THe light continue to go out aboard the station and the shadows quickly follow.
p. The 3 survivors are soon pursued the skeleton suit of Dmitri. they are soon aboard the time ship when the shadows consume Mir and crush it. The shadows and skeleton suits decend onto the Tardis.
p. It is resoned that if they don’t somehow contain the Vashta Nerada, then they will consume the Earth. The team figuires if they can open a port to the EYE of Harmony (a black hole that powers every Tardis) they can suck and contain the shadows. Only problem is that whoever opens the port will get suck in with it. Yuri volunteers as he wants retribution for his fallen comrads. The port is openned from the console and the shadows, skeleton suit, and Yuri are all sucked in. The ReTardis then closes the port.
p. The duo is now back onto the board then back into the realm of the Toymaker. He says they failed the game as they lost all the cosmonauts. The two argue that they had saved the entire Earth, and therefore won the game. Given this logic and the type of game they played he conceeds. He offers to eleiminate 4 of the 10 fighters that Red must compete against, or they can choose just the two of them to leave and the others will be his puppets. The team says they will accept the 4 less fighters and stay with their friends.

Escaping Nemo
Season 2 Episode 2

The TT crew must escape the fictional Captain Nemo.

(More to come.)

Season 2 Episode 1

The crew whilst in search of the missing Doctor, in Victorian England, come accross a very scary enemy and find a mystical brick etched with the phrase B.T.B, Beware the Brick.

(More to come.)

"An Old Beginning"
Mini Episode 2

The reaccounting of the final days of the previous Tomorrow’s Times Team.

(More to come.)

"A Very Merry Tomorrow's Times Christmas"
Christmas Episode 2

The team get caught up with Christmas, Autons, Blockheads, Weeping Angels, oh and The Master!

(More to come.)


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