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"Time Waits For No Time Lord"
Season 0 Episode 1

__p. Tomorrow’s Times Season 0 is considered a lost season of Doctor Who. The TT Team had only started to meet up and it is not until the end of the season that we are introduced to the newsbox Tardis and its mysterious all knowing paper._
p. The season opener begins with a young man sitting on a bench, in a park just outside Oxford. The young man looks to be contemplating life. Every so often he mutters to himself, “Why did I pick Oxford? Dad, if you were here, what would you think of your son? Nothing, I have amounted to nothing.” He is holding a gold pocket watch with circular etchings along the face.
p. Meanwhile the Doctor, in his eighth incarnation, is doing some last minute calibrations under the TARDIS console. Suddenly the cloister alarms ring.
“Oh no, what is it girl?” The Doctor gets up and begins reading the alarm display.
“No no no. Not him. Not Him!” The Doctor flurries around the controls, flipping switches, turning knobs, as fast as he can.
“Please…please girl get us there before its too late.”
p. The young man, stares at the watch.
“You know Dad in all these years, I have had your watch I have never thought to see if it even works.” He rolls the watch around in his palm. Then places his thumb upon the button.
p. The face of the watch opens and golden light and energy emanate out of the watch and begin to take hold of the man. All he can do is scream.
(Opening Credit Roll)
p. Flash back to the desert, 1947. A military team guards a small group of scientists. It is Roswell, New Mexico and they are inspecting a downed Unidentified Flying Object. Doctor Malcolm Perigrium, “Dr Perry”, leads the group. Collected together they are the brightest minds across all scientific fields. Doctor Perry makes his way into the crater to take some initial readings. As he starts to reach the ship, a car pulls up with three people inside. They step out and begin talking to the Army General, on site.
p. Suddenly a beam of light hits Perry from out of the sky, and instantly he is gone.
p. The General Turns in disbelief and horror. The younger looking man in the long coat with captains bars then speaks. “General, by presidential order, this site is now under the control of Torchwood.”
(More to come)

"Attack of the Vicious Man People"
Season 0 Episode 2
"Cyber-Heaven Pt 1"
Season 0 Episode 3
"Cyber-Heaven Pt 2"
Season 0 Episode 4
"Here There Be Aliens"
Season 0 Episode 5
"Something something something"
Season 0 Episode 6
"Tomorrow"s Times Pt1"
Season 0 Episode 7
"Tomorrow"s Times Pt2"
Season 0 Episode 8
"The Ice Warrior That Stole Christmas"
Christmas Episode 1

Please note, Tomorrow’s Times Christmas episodes, don’t always line up in direct continuity. This episode takes place shortly after episode 1.
p. Something is terrifying the people of a small mountain village in Rumania. The TT Team must investigate!
(More to come.)


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