Timelord Victorious

A clone of the 10th Doctor, with every dark thought given new life.


An exact physical duplicate of the 10th Doctor.


When the 10th Doctor stepped into the atomic welder, he had no idea that some of his DNA had been stored and then rejuvenated. This created a new being, the Timelord Victorious. T.V. was what the Doctor would never allow himself to be. Every dark thought, every idea that the Doctor gave a second thought was this new being. He intended to bring back the Timelords, by any means he could. He used the notes of the Proffessor to create a Reality Engine. Although teaming with the Daleks did help. A dark new reality was born from this merger. This would also be the dawn of a new team for the ReTardis.

Timelord Victorious

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