The Professor

Exiled Time Lord


Gallifreyan Name: Ka’vek
Gallifreyan Occupation: Prime Keeper (Head Gallifreyan Scientist.)


A powerful time-lord who lived on Gallifrey around the time of the First Doctor, the Professor was considered to be one of the top scientists in his field. While his mind was one of the sharpest in the galaxy, his ethics were somewhat lax.

This became apparent during the war with the Children of Shadow, when he unleashed his Reality Engine, wiping out an entire race from history, as well as one of Gallifrey’s moons and almost a quarter of his own population. For his actions, the Professor’s personality was locked away in a prototype fob-watch, and he was exiled to Earth, as a human, near the end of the 20th century.

On Earth he became a professor of history and science. He fell in love with a woman and even had a child, Nathan Ferguson. Eventually he passed away as an elderly human, but his fob-watch remained…

The Professor

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