Redford Herring

Turn of the century tough guy.


Redford was born in London, England in 1873.

When Redford was old enough he attended Oxford University in order to study law. However, he found himself more interested in Oxfords amature boxing and boating clubs. Redford decided sailing was the life for him.

Eventually, Redford joined White Star Lines, and apprenticed under Edward John Smith. In 1912 when Edward was picked to captain the RMS Titanic, he brought Redford on as his first mate. This would prove to be the beginning of a new adventure for Redford.

When Edward was rendered ill on the voyage, Redford took command of the vessel. Then, he met the strangers who would change his life. The ship struck an ice burg and started to sink. It was after this that the strangers told him of the Cybermen, and that these beings were dangerous. They had to be destroyed.

Redford had to help people escape the ship, so he remained on deck and did just that. Unfortunately, he got into an altercation with a Cyber Controler, and was forced overboard with it into the freezing Atlantic. He would have died, but the strangers saved him.

At first he was resentful to them, because he thought he should have died with the passengers and crew of the Titanic. However, he has accepted his current situation, and now travels with his new companions aboard there mysterious vessel they call a Tardis. It has the ability to travel through space and time.

The one thing that everybody notices about Redford after knowing him a while is that, Redford never smiles….Never!

Redford Herring

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