Dalek X

The Dalek Inquisitor General


A black Dalek with gold trim and a 3 point claw where the sucker arm would be.


The only Dalek most feared by its own race next to the Emperor himself. He is sent out when the Emperor want results. He is considered cold and ruthless by Dalek standards. He is surrounded with his own personal guard. Two Daleks each equipped with 2 extermination guns.
p. It was he whom the Emperor put in charge of capturing the Professor or the Archivist, so that the Daleks could build their own Reality Engine.
p. Knowing that the Emperor would probably bring about his own destruction, Dalek X took a small army of Daleks away from Skaro.
p. A relentless and cunning hunter, it is only a matter of time before the Time’s Team is pursued by the Dalek Inquisitor General.

Dalek X

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